Life In Korea: One Month Update

Hello all. I am currently living and teaching English in South Korea’s sixth largest city, Gwangju. Here is my original Facebook post, made a month and one day after my arrival in Korea. Enjoy… Life In Korea, ONE MONTH UPDATE: Today a coworker complimented me on my chopstick skills, (like I can actually use those to get rice or noodles from my plate to my belly now!) I have to fight to get on the the bus to work every morning…like that thing is so full of people that it won’t stop to let me on until I chase it a few meters, bang on the side of the bus and then throw my hands around in the air and point to my non existent wrist-watch indicating that I’m late, (this works the best when the bus hits a red light).
Any time I go somewhere new, (so at least twice a week or so), I get lost….and I have no phone data to use as a gps. My phone has turned into an alarm clock and really shitty camera. Random Koreans come up to me on the street and just start speaking Korean….I can tell they are asking questions but I have no idea what so I just start saying random things I know in Korean such as, “I’m an English teacher, I’m from the U.S., my name is Lauren, I don’t speak Korean”. Every time I go to the grocery store I just grab random crap and hope it works well and at restaurants I pretty much pick a random thing…sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s so spicy I die. Everyday here is a struggle, but that being said not even .1% of me regrets coming here, not even on a bad day, not even during a bad hour, (while i’m trying to argue in broken Korean with a cab driver who can’t figure out how to get to my house lol). Every day is exciting and interesting, my job is awesome and really pretty easy and I feel like I’m living life to the fullest. I can’t wait to explore the rest of Korea!!!!

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