Cats of Dalt Vila, Ibiza’s Old Town

As one of the oldest European cities, Dalt Vila dates back to Roman times and has been occupied by various groups throughout history including the Moors. Walks through this magical old town will have you constantly reaching for your camera, and views of the Mediterranean from the top are breathtaking. There are tons of top-notch bars and restaurants, but let’s be honest, the best part of this ancient city is its abundance of street kitties!

Of course, you can’t loop all Dalt Vila street kitties together. They each have their own unique characteristics and personalities that tend to portray the message of, “Don’t fucking touch me”. After eight months of living in Ibiza Town and wandering around Dalt Vila pretty much every chance I had, here are the 6 most common types of cat I noticed.

1. The Laundry Kittie 

This type of cat feels the most at home near drying laundry. If the cat can’t find a pile of laundry to sit on, it will make do with a pile of rubbish as long as it’s next to a drying rack.

 2. Stoop Cat 

“Stoop Cat doesn’t leave his stoop!”

If you don’t get this reference, please jump out the nearest window now as you are probably too old, or even worse…too young. Or even worse grew up in a household without television!!!

 3. Hidden Tree Kittie 

You’ll find hidden tree kitties when you least expect it. These creatures are quite mysterious and if you seek them you will likely end up empty-handed. It’s when you’re not paying attention that they sneak up on you.

 4. Guard Cat 

  “You shall not pass!”

Guard cats patiently sit in or near the doorways of boutiques and restaurants doing their best to intimidate tourists.  It doesn’t really work all that well though. Honestly, it just attracts people who feel the need to Instagram silly kitties, such as I.

5. Cactus Cat

Cactus cat knows where it’s at~
You can find these cats sitting in potted cacti. Or sometimes just smelling the potted cacti.

6. The Overly Optimistic Kittie

These kitties mistakingly believe that if they walk slowly enough, maybe you won’t notice them. They look straight at you and pray that you will not pay any attention to them. But these kitties are most likely screwed. You are probably going to pay attention to them.

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