Can you be an artist and a traveler?
Vamos a ver!

In 2014 I graduated from Western Michigan University with a BFA in Fine Arts, emphasis in Photography & Intermedia. Soon after, I moved to Chicago to become a photographer. While assisting for various types of photographers, I began to question whether I was still head over heels for photography. I was only really attracted to experimenting in the darkroom anyway. There was only one thing at the time which I knew I was head over heels for; the idea of living abroad in a foreign country. I learned that you can live almost anywhere in the world if you are willing to teach English. From there I taught for a year in South Korea and soon after, 8 months in Ibiza. Then one magical day, I learned that you can teach English online. I no longer have to be in the same building, let alone continent, as the screaming children! I have been doing this while living in Latin America since December 2018. At the moment I am focusing on drawing and painting projects while I learn Spanish.

My dream is to somehow combine my need to create with my love for travel. I use ‘Give Me Your Lust For Life’ as a creative outlet where anything goes, but also as a way to organize my progress.

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Feel free to shoot me a message at lauren.e.giuliani@gmail.com