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    Cool Cafes & Coffee Shops to “Art” in; Guadalajara

    No matter where I am living, one of my favorite things to do is go to a cute coffee shop and work on creative pursuits. Whether I am brainstorming in my sketchbook or editing photos on my laptop, a good cup of coffee and a relaxing ambiance goes a long way. After living in Guadalajara for 8 months, I’ve just barely scratched the surface of its cool cafes and coffee shops. You could probably live here your whole life and still never have time to try them all. I must admit that I loved my neighborhood, Americana, so much that I hardly left. Guadalajara is pretty big and has a lot…

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    Oil Over Acrylic; Clase de Pintura

    While living as an expat in Guadalajara I discovered a handful of great, informal art classes. Unlike classes with a university or formal art institution, I never had to commit to a certain timeframe or pay a lot of money. In this class, I really wanted to try painting oil over acrylic as I had heard numerous artists claim this method as their favorite. I was really inspired by artists such as Lauren Brevner who often combine flat, colorful shapes with more three-dimensional elements. Galería Arte Fraustrado is an art supply store with a small gallery upstairs as well as a great outdoor space for art classes. They offer both…

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    Drawing Exercises with a Local Artist

    One way that my skills have improved while living in Guadalajara was by taking art classes with the local fine artist, Miguel Vega. In his classes, we refined our ability to see through various exercises. This class really pushed me to work on drawing and painting faster as everything was timed.

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    My First Zine

    I have always been inspired by the cool zines that my art friends & acquaintances make in Detroit and Kalamazoo. After checking out Ricos Jugos, a cafe in Guadalajara that sells art prints, t-shirts, stickers and zines, I felt even more inspired to make my own.

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    Lost in Lima; Found in Guadalajara

    Most days I spent wandering around the city aimlessly with my sketchbook in hand. I drew in the park, drew at by ocean, drew at cafes. In the end, I let the interesting people I met steer me. In this time I developed the idea of “Lost in Lima”, a small body of drawings.