• Mexico

    Guanajuato; the City of Parques & Plazas

    Guanajuato is one of the coolest cities to walk around in Mexico. There are colorful colonial-style buildings everywhere, the streets are all made of picturesque cobblestone and there are endless alleyways to explore. One of my favorite parts of the city though is its parks and plazas. It seems like every time you turn the corner there is another charming place to sit, whether it be a major park or just a couple of benches.

  • Mexico

    Cool Cafes & Coffee Shops to “Art” in; Guadalajara

    No matter where I am living, one of my favorite things to do is go to a cute coffee shop and work on creative pursuits. Whether I am brainstorming in my sketchbook or editing photos on my laptop, a good cup of coffee and a relaxing ambiance goes a long way. After living in Guadalajara for 8 months, I’ve just barely scratched the surface of its cool cafes and coffee shops. You could probably live here your whole life and still never have time to try them all. I must admit that I loved my neighborhood, Americana, so much that I hardly left. Guadalajara is pretty big and has a lot…

  • Art Posts

    My First Zine

    I have always been inspired by the cool zines that my art friends & acquaintances make in Detroit and Kalamazoo. After checking out Ricos Jugos, a cafe in Guadalajara that sells art prints, t-shirts, stickers and zines, I felt even more inspired to make my own.

  • Cusco

    Cusco: Hidden Gems, Parasites & How to do Machu Picchu Cheaply

    It’s no surprise that Cusco is South America’s number one travel destination. Here you will encounter fascinating history, adorable llamas and probably the most sweaters you will ever see in your life! Oh yeah, and Machu Picchu is just around the corner.    If you’re about to visit Cusco, here are some recommendations I would give you… 1. There are affordable tour options to visit Machu Picchu. It does not need to cost $300 USD. There are other ways than taking the train or doing a crazy trek. If you’d like to skip to Machu Picchu info click here. 2. It’s very easy to get a parasite here. And maybe…

  • Teaching English Abroad


    Maybe you have a passion for teaching and an interest in foreign culture. Or maybe you just need to get the hell out and experience the vast world, NOW…and you happen to speak English. Either way, teaching English abroad is definitely a career worth considering.   Where should you teach English as a second language? It depends on your needs, interests and what you want to get out of the experience. If you have always wanted to learn one of the romance languages and you fancy the idea of nap time then think about Europe! If you have a lot of student debt to pay off, I’d recommend a country…

  • Morocco


    Don’t be afraid to travel to Morocco as a woman. Don’t be afraid to go to Casablanca. Don’t be afraid to befriend the locals. {But use caution and common sense, as you should in any new place.}  15 Nights in Morocco was a pretty good amount of time to get a feel for the country and check out all the “must see” places. (Though of course there are many more great places we just didn’t have time for…yet!) Tangier – 2 nights Chefchaouen – 1 night (wish we stayed 2 nights) Fes – 2 nights Meknès – 1 night Casablanca – 1 night Marrakech – 3 nights Ouarzazate (Desert Tour)-…

  • Thailand


    Bangkok is a breath of fresh air…well metaphorically. Literally, it is a breath of spicy, salty, stinky, sweet, gingery, sweaty, cilantro-y air. (And a bunch of other smells that I don’t have the culinary vocabulary to describe.) View from sky train platform at the Silom stop Most people I meet tend to treat Bangkok as a layover city. People often spend just one day, or even half a day, on their way from Chang Mai to the islands of the South…but Bangkok is so much more than that! There are so many places to explore and after three days, I had not seen everything I’d wanted to see. I will…